A Walk on Germantown Avenue

Take our new self-guided walking tour of Germantown Avenue in Chestnut Hill. The tour highlights the social and economic history the avenue and its role in the neighborhood's development. Each of the 11 stops on the tour tells a story—you can visit them in any order, all at once, or one or two at a time as your errands on the avenue take you there.

A printed map showing the tour stops can be picked up at the historical society's headquarters at 8708 Germantown Avenue, at the Chestnut Hill Visitor & Welcome Center at 8426 Germantown Avenue, and at many other Chestnut Hill locations. You can also download a copy of the map that you can print at home here.

Guide by Cell3 ways to take the tour

Dial 215 525-1539 on your mobile phone, then dial the tour stop number followed by the # sign. The call is free; your only charge is your mobile minutes.

QR code: http://www.chhist.org/avenueIf you have a smartphone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry) just visit http://www.chhist.org/avenue for a version of the tour formatted for mobile devices. Even simpler, just use a barcode scanner app (there are many free ones available at your phone's app store) to scan the QR code at right and your phone will do the rest.

You can also download the tour's audio files to play on your portable audio device at our podcast page. The files can be downloaded individually, or as a zipped archive that includes a pdf of the tour map.

Soon, look for signs like the one below at avenue locations. They will give you calling instructions and QR codes for the tour.

The Chestnut Hill Historical Society gratefully thanks these sponsors for tour and programming support:

Chestnut Hill Historical Society - 8708 Germantown Ave. - Philadelphia PA 19118 - 215 247-0417 - info@chhist.org
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